Criminology is a broad subject area that encompasses the study of crime, criminals, victims and the criminal justice system, including the police, court systems and prisons. Members of the Centre undertake research in their own specialisms and use the centre as a base for conducting research, with lectures and seminars held in specialist lecture theatres and teaching rooms.

As part of its outreach strategy, CSC:

  • undertakes various kinds of information and awareness-raising activities to promote public debate, such as publications, social media, conferences, training seminars and round-table discussions
  • collaborates with key stakeholders in all fields of public life (government institutions, the NGO community, the media, universities and research centres, grant-making foundations, the private sector, etc.)
  • is an active member of several international networks

Finally, publishes a detailed account of its activities in its Annual Reports. These include summaries of the main research activities, events, publications, networking, partnerships, fundraising and other actions implemented as part of CSC’s annual work programme.


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Research and Consultancy

The Center conducts rigorous independent research incorporating principles of social justice, equality, and modern citizenship. Research projects span most areas in criminological and criminal justice research, with people collaborating across disciplines. Our research is theoretical as well as empirically driven. Our scientific associates and members have expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and data analysis, and project evaluation. We are interested in fostering and facilitating interdisciplinary links with academic colleagues and across professional and institutional practice.

We undertake research in a diverse range of areas, comprising a broad spectrum of law, socio-legal studies, criminology, and methodological approaches.

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The CSC´s members undertake consultancy work, particularly analysis and evaluation to help professionals in their work.