“Visual representations of the refugee experience from those experiencing it. A case study of refugees from Syria into Greece” -TMC 2021 London

The Migration Conference 2021 is hosted by Ming-Ai (London) Institute, and International British Business School, United Kingdom. Due to COVID-19 [...]

Towards the Anatomy of Prison Language: The Greek Inmates Case

Dr. Aggeliki Kardara & Ioanna Asanakidi participated in the online international conference “Contemporary societies in motion: Pioneering qualitative [...]

The Street Art Project: a social – legal and visual approach of the Athenian Street Art movement

The Street Art Project, as a scientific team of the Center for the Study of Crime (CSC –ΚΕ.Μ.Ε.), participated in the online international conference [...]

Article Published in US-CHINA LAW REVIEW

Conceptualizations of the Notion of Criminal Justice Through the Mitigation of the Migration Experience: The Case of Syrian Refugee Incomers to Greece [...]