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15th ESA Conference – Barcelona (Spain), 31 August – 3 September 2021

Every other year since 1992, the European Sociological Association organises a big conference in different European countries. From 31 August to 3 September 2021, over 3800 participants from all over the world joined the 15th ESA Conference, #esa2021BCN, dealing with “Sociological Knowledges for Alternative Futures“.


ESA   – Barcelona Summer 2021


Title: Decomposing social bonds: The disastrous consequences of the covid-19 pandemic through narratives of three generations of women in Greece

Tsiganou J., Chalkia A., Lembesi M.



The covid-19 pandemic and the measures undertaken to confront it have a tremendous impact to both, societies and individuals at global level. Our proposed paper aims at deciphering the disastrous consequences of the pandemic and its regulation for the social ties linking societies together. Through narratives of three generations of women in Greece produced by means of a qualitative research conducted during the summer of 2020 (that is immediately after the first wave of lockdown imposed at pan-european level) we attempt to comprehend the means, the ways and the extend the new social circumstances have affected people’s lives. Our focus on women implies the gendered aspect we wish specifically to address, since much of the research conducted already asserts the pandemic’s impact on those most vulnerable, women among them. Drawing from the broad literature on what keeps societies together we focus on the micro-level of the daily experiences of women upon their re-allocation within their domus. The narratives of compulsorily detained women domiciliary, help us to comprehend more fully the impact of lockdown restrictions not only it terms of a come-back of the human bondage to traditional women’s status within contemporary societies, but also in terms of decomposing broader social bonds and collective ties, as well as recomposing extremely individual traits.






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