Day 8 (24/11) – Is RJ effective? What about its future?


Researchers have frequently studied the effectiveness of restorative justice practices. They examined how and when the different parties participate, how they experience the process and what the outcomes of the process are. This article intends to give an overview of empirical research done on the benefits of restorative justice practices. It will mainly focus on restorative justice in comparison to the traditional criminal justice system and will offer a closer look on some of the most interesting benefits of restorative justice. What does research tell us about the effectiveness of restorative justice?


  • RIETMAN Martine (main author), “Effectiveness of restorative justice practices. An overview of empirical research on restorative justice practices in Europe”, European Forum for Restorative Justice, 2017


Restorative Justice (RJ) awareness campaign launched  by

the  Center for the Study of Crime (CESC)

in collaboration with

Katerina Soulou

PhD candidate Aix-Marseille University

European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) Board member

Athens, 17-24 November 2019



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