Greek debt and human rights violations in Greece


Center for the Study of Crime (CSC)

The Center for the Study of Crime (CSC) in collaboration with the Organized Crime Observatory (OCO, Switzerland) and the Northeastern University of Boston (USA) has undertaken to contribute to the research proposal of the Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Northeastern University of Boston) Dr. Nikos Passas, on Greek debt and human rights violations in Greece.

The main objective of this project is to provide an in-depth, accurate and scientific description of the financial crisis in Greece and, most importantly, the conditions and measures introduced through a series of governments made up of different political parties since 2009. In this context, the research group will explore the extent to which their effects can be analyzed as violations of constitutional and human rights for the people living in Greece.

The above project will focus on desk and field research, including by conducting interviews with those responsible in the design and implementation of memoranda and specific policies. The project is due to begin in September 2018 and its estimated duration is set at eight (8) months with the option of extending for two (2) more months.

Participation in the research is, at this stage, on a voluntary basis. The above consortium will actively seek funding both in Greece and abroad.


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