Prison and Language (Follow-up study)


Center for the Study of Crime (CSC)

The Center for the Study of Crime (CSC) in collaboration with the Dr Aggeliki Kardara are conducting follow up research on Prison lingo, the language of the prison community in Greek prisons. It is highlighted that the research is a follow up research in Dr A. Kardara research conducted ten years ago, in 29/9/2008, in Greek prisons  with title: “Prison and Language: Language as a Critical and Integral Element of the Prison Structure”. The main objective of this project is to estimate if there are changes in the Greek prison lingo through the years and if the major changes took place these years in Greeks prisons anthropography have affected the way that prisoners chose to communicate with each others in a restricted environment.

“Prison is a rich place for talk and research. Prison lingo is primarily a spoken language; it can be written down, but it is not intended to be used for writing and so it has it own special features and its own problems for the researchers. Prison lingo overlaps with street talk, teentalk, rhyming slang, and the home dialects of prisoners so it is sometimes difficult to say whether this word or that phrase should be included, but there is a host of words that are clearly part of prison lingo. And this is the challenge…” Dr. A. Kardara, Phd in Mass Media and Communication, Greek Literature (Specialization: Byzantine and Modern Greek).

In April 2018, the Center for the Study of Crime set up a research group comprised of seven members, students of the seminar “Prison and Language” and simultaneously members of the Center to conduct the follow-up study. Their academic supervisor is the writer, Dr. Angeliki F. Kardara, philologist and author, regular academic collaborator of the Centre for the Study of Crime and collaborator of the University of Athens (in the framework of the educational e-learning programs “Mass Media and Crime: Crime as a News and “Police and Judicial Reportage”).

The work of the academic team will be completed by the end of 2019 and the findings of our study will be announced through publications. The members of the research group are, in alphabetical order, the following:

  • Varvara Vagianou,
  • Nefeli-Ekaterini Bafouni,
  • Vassiliki Stathopoulou,
  • Dimitris Tsiatsianis,
  • Aggeliki Tsoka,
  • Pelagia Holeva,
  • Konstantina Chondrogianni.


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