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Specialized seminars on different fields of the study of crime phenomenon for both professionals and under/post graduates. An interdisciplinary programme of seminars is now available and a broad range of staff expertise.

  • “Prisons: Research and Prison Language “
    • Prison Gangs and Subculture
    • The Role of Language in Prison
    • The psychology of prison
    • Prison Lingo: The Language of the Prison Community
  • Circle of interdisciplinary seminar lectures about “Forensic Psychology and Crime”
    • Stalking: Patterns, motives, and intervention strategies
    • Young witnesses in criminal proceedings
    • Schizophrenia and violent crime: perpetrators or victims?
    • Bullying and Cyberbullying
    • Psychopathy, mental disorder, and crime
    • Jurors: Institutional and practical issues from a legal and psychological point of view. Another Look at Social Psychological Aspects of Juror Bias
  • Circle of interdisciplinary seminar lectures about “Media & Crime”

Investigate, scrutinize and understand the causes and consequences of crime in media context. Crime saturates media and popular culture, suggesting an enduring public fascination with wrongdoing and its consequences as well as being an ongoing social problem.

    • Criminology and Media Communications
    • Mass Media, Crime, and Justice – Criminology
    • Special Topics in Criminology and media representations
    • Crime in New media age
    • Criminal profiling and media

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