ELSA STEP – Student Trainee Exchange Programme






The Center for the Study of Crime (CSC) is a STEP Traineeship Provider since previous academic period 2019-2010 and participates in the global network of the world’s largest association for law students & legal professionals.


Few words about the STEP programme

STEP is the trainee exchange programme of ELSA which provides legal work opportunities in many different jurisdictions and is available for law students, graduates, and young lawyers who are ELSA members. Thus, ELSA members have the possibility to gain transborder practical experience, get to know foreign cultures and languages as well as interesting people. STEP Traineeships are available for applicants from all jurisdictions and legal backgrounds and cover a number of different legal fields and specializations.


Enhance trainees’ set of transferable skills in a professional environment.


Put his/her legal education into practice and gain valuable professional legal experience.


Obtain an understanding of working in dynamic multicultural teams.

The traineeships last in general between two weeks and two years and can be completed in all law related areas like law firms, courts, public institutions, banks, in-house legal department, consulting firms and international organizations. Before and during the traineeship, ELSA will offer you help and assistance with finding accommodation, applying for a visa (if necessary) and organizing social events in order to involve the trainee in the daily life of the local community. The STEP traineeships are offered twice a year.

See for current traineeship offers and more information in https://www.elsa-greece.org/step/ & https://step.elsa.org/home.html


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