“Visual representations of the refugee experience from those experiencing it. A case study of refugees from Syria into Greece” -TMC 2021 London

The Migration Conference 2021 is hosted by Ming-Ai (London) Institute, and International British Business School, United Kingdom. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, The MIgration Conference 2021 is held ONLINE. The TMC is a venue for academics, policymakers, practitioners, students and everybody who is interested in intelligent debate and research informed discussions on human mobility and its impacts around the world.



6 to 10 JULY 2021


Title:  Visual representations of the refugee experience from those experiencing it. A case study of refugees from Syria into Greece.

Chalkia A., Tsiganou J., Lembesi M.


The usual tools we, the sociologists, use in our study of the social experience are based on transcribing textualized information to meaningful knowledge. However, within the mounting vein of visual sociology during the recent decades, new means have been added, which when used solely or additionally, might help us to comprehend more fully narratives of life experiences. Our proposed paper focuses on the traveling and host experiences into Greece of refugees from Syria and it is based on a qualitative research conducted in 2019-2020 with Syrian refugees incomers to Greece. It is in the scope of the proposed paper to address the framing of the refugee experience not only in terms of the discourse resulting out from the face-to-face interviews with our research population but mainly in terms of the visual representations of the refugee experience as exhibited in their own snap-shots.  Our conclusions are therefore based on two distinct types of mediation. The mediation of an interpreter and the mediation of a visual instrument. Conscious of the methodological issues involved we have tried to avoid misinterpretations and misconceptions by carefully and diligently addressing respondents’ own stories on the visual material they have generously offered to us. There are these stories we wish to share with the scientific community indicating that inferences on cultural diversification might not hold the strong face validity attributed to them.

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