Online Conference “Crime and Addiction: The Drug Treatment Court’s Response”

11 February, 2022
6:00 – 9:00 PM EET (Cyprus time)

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YouTube: UNIC School of Law

Forty years of “The War on Drugs” has demonstrated that this application of criminal justice has failed. When a drug addicted person is charged with a criminal offence, criminality may be related directly or indirectly to addiction. Yet, traditional sentencing in many common law and continental jurisdictions focuses mainly on criminality while addiction is given some mitigating role. Sentencing drug addiction and related crimes via incarceration promotes recidivism and the revolving door phenomenon. Crime and addiction have a complicated relationship. Addiction is self-harmful and when accompanied by crime might be harmful to others.

The taxpayers’ cost from repetitive incarceration of addicted people who are involved in non-violent crime is high. For this population, Drug Treatment Courts are the epitome of Criminal Justice goals. Their successful implementation reduces both crime and addiction.

This conference will provide a unique opportunity for all the participants to understand the philosophy of Drug Treatment Courts (DTCs) through the experience of professionals in the field. The establishment of a pilot court will allow the State to examine strengths and weaknesses for the implementation of treatment courts in our Cypriot and Greek society. The participants will have the opportunity to address questions to the speakers and share with them their concerns. Not all societies are ready to change but change might be inevitable when a traditional approach leads to a dead end.

Cost: No fees

Language: English

Certificates of attendance will be provided to the participants.

Who should attend?: Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Police officers, Treatment providers, Social workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Academics, Criminologists, Sociologists, Parole Officers, Probation Officers, Correction Officers, Researchers, People interested in the topics of crime, addiction and imprisonment.

Research Funding: Universitas Foundation through the University of Nicosia Research Foundation Related Programme of Study: Criminal Law and Addictions, M.Sc, Joint Degree (University of Nicosia with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Conference Co-organisers: Organization of Friends and Relatives of Addicted People of Cyprus & Universitas Foundation

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