XVIII World Congress of Criminology in India

“Urbanization, Globalization, Development & Crime: Opportunities & Challenges of the XXI Century”

15-19 December, 2016

New Delhi, Indialetter-of-invitation

The XVIII World Congress of Criminology will be held in the New Delhi Capital Region, India from 15 (arrival) to 19 (departure) December, 2016. The event will take place on the campus of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana. The World Congress of Criminology is the foremost criminology event that brings together the best academics, researchers, professionals and policy makers to discuss the most relevant and current issues related to crime and deviance and their prevention under the aegis of the International Society of Criminology. The International Society of Criminology (ISC) was founded in Rome, Italy in 1937. Its objective is to promote activities and research designed to produce a better understanding of the crime phenomenon on an international scale. The Society promotes the prevention of crime and improving the procedures used by the various criminal justice systems. Its activities, therefore, focus both on scientific and practical issues.imagenes3050a

The theme of the XVIII Congress to be held in New Delhi, India is:

“Urbanization, Globalization, Development & Crime: Opportunities & Challenges of the XXI Century”

Other themes deemed to be of special importance and relevance are:

–   Extremism, Terrorism & Warfare: Mass Violence and its Impact on Society

–   The Victimization of Vulnerable Populations: Crimes Against Women, Children, The Elderly & Minorities

–   The Politics of Crime: The Role of Crime and Terrorism in National & International Decisions & Interventions


Source: https://intercrim.com/2016Congress

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