“CrimeTimes” www.crimetimes.gr – an open access online journal in criminology and criminal justice and publishes articles and opinion pieces on current issues related to these areas of the science. A valuable resource for academics and researchers in crime, for professionals  concerned about  crime, law, criminal  justice, politics, and penology. The target of the journal is broad and inclusive, embracing the wide diversity of thinking within criminology.

The aims:

  • to create a contemporary journal that refers to Criminological matters.
  • to encourage the exchange, in a multidisciplinary setting, of those engaged to researches, teaching, and practice so as to foster criminological scholarship.
  • to serve as a forum for the dissemination of criminological knowledge, a forum for original contributions and discussions in the fields of criminology and criminal justice.

The Center for the Study of Crime (CSC) has the scientific directorship of the publication.

Issuing consultants are mainly university professors and scientific associates of the journal are well-known academics in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

The editorial team is comprised of CSC members, coming from various disciplines such as law, psychology, sociology, social anthropology, journalism, etc. most of whom are Ph.D. candidates, postgraduate students at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Panteion University of Athens and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who specialize in criminology.

Crime Times is issued 4 times a year. The first issue in Greek language was published on the Internet in December 2016.

Sending articles for publication is possible subject to the approval of the journal’s Directors. The views expressed and signed on this website are attributed to, and bind exclusively, the author of the article.

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